Scale. Harmony. Balance. Texture. Strength. Sensuality.

These words define the underlying principles imbued in the design philosophy of the Robert James Collection.

Back in 1984, Erik Vogt, President and Creative Director, launched Artifacts International with the mission to provide exquisitely crafted, bold, transitional designs with fully custom capabilities exclusively to the Interior Design Trade. Fast forward to 2014... time to get the creative juices flowing again, and a new line was born! Robert James Collection launched with immediate success.

"I wanted to design a line equally at home in a casual beach house or a chic loft in the city. Robert James Collection embraces the juxtaposition between organic textures combined with clean contemporary lines. It's so refreshing to start a line from scratch. We were able to apply all of what we learned over the last 40 years. There's no substitute for experience. Our biggest asset is our talented employees. I am so blessed to have a dedicated team working together with the shared vision of producing exquisite products and consistent quality while providing excellent customer service and support."

Many things have changed since the initial start back in 1984. What has never waivered is our commitment to providing the Interior Design community with artisan, made-to-order handcrafted collections with complete customization capabilities.

Both Robert James Collection and Artifacts International are under the same roof utilizing the same craftsmen and support staff. Many on our team have been here for 20+ years. As a company, we are thrilled with the success of Robert James Collection and the continuing relationships with our talented customers.

So who is Robert James? The name affectionately comes from the combination of Erik's two sons' middle names. Chad Robert, and Brandon James.